Graduate Students

Isaac Asante-Wusu, BS Development Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University, 2014
My research interests are in environmental quality, management of water resources, water security and accessibility, sustainability, and climate change.

Briana Berkowitz,  BA Geology, Beloit College, 2011
My research interests are in cultural and political ecology, particularly relating to natural resource management, gardens, and the Caribbean.

Browne, Michael, BA Geography, University of Illinois at Urbana, 2013
My research interests are in Political geography and geopolitics, particularly focusing on Southwest Asia. 

Samuel Holleman, BA History, Clemson University, 2016

McNichol Kaloki, BA Geography, University of Nairobi, 2006
My research interests; Study Spatial and temporal dynamics of characteristic exchanges of protected area study Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Jeffrey Lazar, BA Economics, Miami University, 2016

Erika Lemons, BA Geography, Wright State, 2016

Chris Myers,  BS Geography, University of Colorado, 2014
I am interested in the geography of development, political ecology and resources distribution at the local scale.

Marina Salnikova, BA Geography, University of Washington, 2015

Brandi Styn, BA Geography, Wright State, 2016