MU Geography Goes to Kenya

Kenya field assistantsMU Geography  Goes to Kenya

Over the January term 2015, Drs. John Maingi and Kim Medley headed off to Kenya for one ‘last’ field survey for their project “Short Term Dynamics in Changing Environments: A Geospatial Analysis of Seasonal Forest Response and Extractive Resource Entitlements at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya.” This was their synthesis and discussion trip where they were joined by two MU professors from geology, one research scientist from the Kenya Forestry Research Institute, one undergraduate geographer from Egerton University, and our former research assistant and MU graduate Michael Henkin (BA and MA in geography). We also used the trip as an opportunity to share the project findings and explore just a few more questions with our great local Kasigau Taita assistants. For example, Dr. Maingi is continuing to refine the land-cover map for the region and sent some of the group out to find and measure the vegetation at a few new and different bushland sites. Kenny’s in the back right checking the gps unit, Michael is checking the coordinates we wrote down, and Juma Zungi, Danson Mwatate, and Joseph Mwamodo are of course being our great field assistants in very smart tee-shirts.

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