In the Spotlight

We are pleased to announce the following graduates of the department for the 2014/2015 academic year.  Congratulations on your hard work and achievements!

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Earth Science

Austin Yeoman

Charles Bell

Carolyn Carter

Kyra Chester-Paul

Kelsie Eshler

Natalie Heltman

Anne Morgan

Taylor Myers

Michelle Nugent

Mackenzie Print

Zachary Taneyhill

Yi Wang

Jacob Wickemeyer

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Shannon Burke

Madison Larkin

Amanda Burke

Lauren Colliver

Margaret Lee

Jonathan Marsh

Meghan Pratschler

David Scott

Justin Skaggs

Jonathan Smeltz

Austin Ruhe

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

Blake Paynther

Master of Arts in Geology

Bryan Richmond

Christopher Grope

Master of Science in Geology

Michelle Burke

Alexandria Hoeher

Eren Abus

Elif Altikulac

Furkan Bozukuoglu

Ersin Kaya

Doctor of Philosophy in Geology

Michael Bishop

Kenneth Brown

Linduo Zhao

Tedros Berhane