Travel Information


We will assemble at the Hostel in Teton Village at 3:00 PM, Tuesday June 11. All participants must be present by this time.

Air Travel

Your arrival point is the Jackson, WY airport. Participants planning to fly should arrange a flight as soon as possible to insure direct connections and to obtain the best possible fares. Please pack as if you are going backpacking, luggage space will be limited! You must arrive at the airport no later than 3:00 PM Tuesday June 11. If necessary, travel on Monday June 10 and spend the night. If you arrive on Monday, we will have a room reserved for you at the Hostel at Teton Village.  The field camp caravan will stop at the Jackson Airport at ~5 PM on Monday June 10.  If you arrive after that time, you will be required to arrange your own transportation from the airport to Teton Village.  Commercial transportation is available between the Jackson airport and Teton Village.

Miami University vans will make frequent pick-ups at the Jackson airport (wait adjacent to the baggage conveyor) starting at approximately 12:00 PM on Tuesday June 11. The final airport pick-up will be made at 3:00 PM Tuesday June 11.

The course ends in Teton Village, WY at 7:00 AM Monday July 16. Please plan your departure from the Jackson airport for Tuesday July 16 after 8:00 AM. Vans will transport all air travelers to the Jackson airport (regardless of departure time) very early Monday morning.

If you are flying, your arrival city is required to be Jackson, WY.  However, you have the option of departing on Monday July 15 from Great Falls, MT.  If your departure from Great Falls is earlier than noon on Monday July 15, you will be required to get a room in Great Falls on Saturday evening (we can transport you there in the afternoon), and arrange your own transport to the airport the next day.

Ground Travel – Private Vehicles

Participants planning to drive personal vehicles should arrive at Timberline Ranch (approximately 15 miles northwest of Dubois, WY along U.S. 26/287) between Noon and 2:00 PM, Monday June 10. You will park your vehicle at the ranch. No personal vehicles will be used during the traveling portion of the course, and use will be limited during our stay at the ranch. If you plan to have someone drop you off in Jackson or Dubois, please contact us for additional information. Those participants arriving by ground on Friday will join others arriving from Ohio in University vehicles and all will travel to Jackson for lodging on Friday evening (paid for by the course).

The course ends at 7:00 AM, Tuesday July 16, and participants driving their own vehicles will be transported back to Timberline Ranch that morning.

Ground Travel – Miami University Vans

Multiple vehicles will depart from Shideler Hall (250 Patterson Ave, Oxford, OH) loading zone off of Bishop Circle, at 8:00 AM, Saturday, June 8. The trip will involve three days and two nights of travel, arriving at Timberline Ranch and Jackson on Monday June 10. The vehicles will return to Oxford late in the evening on Wednesday, July 17.

More information will be provided later, but there likely will be room for approximately 14 passengers from Miami and other institutions, at least 6 of whom must be approved as Miami University van drivers (having completed the on-line university safety program), with two slots taken by instructors.