Graduate Research Forum

The Graduate Research Forum is an opportunity for Miami University graduate students to share their scholarship with the university community. Students present their scholarship in oral sessions and in poster sessions, and are evaluated by faculty and alumni judges. Awards are given to the top oral and top poster presentations.

The 2016 Graduate Research Forum was held on Friday, November 4, at Shriver Center. 

If you're a graduate student, it's not too early to think about what you might present next year.  If you are a graduate alumnus, please consider helping out in some capacity.  

2016 Presenters were:

Mackenzie Taylor, "A Textural and Mineralogical Study of Gold from the Type 4 Ore of Round Mountain, Nevada Using Scanning Electron Microscopy":  (Advisor:  Mark Krekeler)

Kelly McHugh, "Th-U and Pa-U Model Ages of Bulk Uranium Radiochronometry Standards":  (Advisor:  Elisabeth Widom)

Shreya Srivastava, "Effect of Bioavailable Molybdenum Concentration on Abundance and Taxonomic Affiliation of Genes that Transport or Use MO":  (Advisor:  Hailiang Dong)

Patrick Cullen, "Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Devonian Ohio Shale:  Inferring Correlation Between Distal and Proximal Stratigraphy":  (Advisor:  Brian Currie)

Yanxue Xie, "Detrital Zircon U-P Analysis of the Liuqu Conglomerate Along the Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone":  (Advisor:  Yildirim Dilek)

Li Zhang, "Fe(II) Uptake on Clay Mineral NAu-2 and its Bioavailability for Pseudogulbenkiania sp. strain 2002":  (Advisor:  Hailiang Dong)