Student and Faculty Research

Below is a list of our current 2017/2018 Graduate Students, their advisors, and research area with a link to each student and advisor email if you have any questions regarding their research.

2017/2018 Graduate Students
Student Previous Institution Advisor Research Topic
Calvin Anderson Cedarville College J. Rakovan mineralogy
Richard Brydon Lock Haven University C. McLeod petrology
Ian Castro University of Cincinnati C. Tyler paleobiology
Caleb Chappell SUNY @ Oswego J. Rakovan isotope geochemistry
Sutton Chiorini University of Maryland M. Brudzinski seismic geology
Patrick Cullen University of Cincinnati B. Currie sedimentology/stratigraphy
Brittany Cymes Ball State M. Krekeler mineralogy
George Daly Cal State @ San Bernadino E. Widom isotope geochemistry
Chris Emproto SUNY College @ Oswego J. Rakovan mineralogy
Lyndsey Farrar SUNY College @ Oneonta C. Tyler paleobiology
Shannon Fasola St. Norbert College M. Brudzinski seismology
Lonnie Flett Miami University M. Krekeler economic geology
Maureen Haley Bowling Green State University C. McLeod igneous petrology
Josephine Johnson Central State University J. Levy hydrogeology
Hannah Kempf Miami University C. Tylerr paleobiology
Masoomeh Kousehlar University Tehran E. Widom isotope geochemistry
Alex Kugler Ashland University H. Dong geochemistry
Emily Salings SW Missouri State University E. Widom volcanology
Melanie Sorman Univ. of Wisconsin @ Whitewater C. Tyler paleobiology
Shreya Srivastava University of Pune H. Dong microbial processes
Jared Wink University of Pittsburgh B. Currie sedimontology/stratigraphy
Terry Workman Miami University J. Rech geomorphology
Yanxue Xie China Univ. of Petroleum Y.Dilek tectonics
Li Zhang Peking University H. Dong geomicrobiology
Simin Zhao Sun Yat-sen University H. Dong geomicrobiology
Hongyan Zuo Central South University H. Dong geomicrobiology