Dr. Cathie Grimm with a German 111 Class Dr. Cathie Grimm with a German 111 Class

Critical and Classical Languages and Cultures

The languages that participate in this co-major are languages offered by the Department of German, Russian, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures (GRAMELAC) and the Department of Classics that are available through at least the 300-level: ARABIC, CHINESE, GERMAN, JAPANESE, LATIN, and RUSSIAN. Students majoring in German (GER), East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC), Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (REEES), or Classical Languages may not use language courses used in the major for the co-major.

Language One (15 credit hours)

  • Requirements: 15 credit hours including 201, 202, 301, an additional 300-level course taught in the language, and one 400-level course taught in the language.

Language Two (12-13 credit hours)

  • Requirements: 12-13 credit hours including 102 (4) or 111 (3); 201, 202, 301 (3 credits each)

Other Requirements

  • Advanced study of 6 credits: 300-level or 400-level courses taught in Language 1 or Language 2, or courses taught in English relevant to either language (ex. German music, Russian literature, Chinese art, etc.)
  • Study Abroad: Highly recommended, but not required. Includes a summer, a semester or a full year of university-level study in a country of either Language 1 or Language 2. Any required courses as described taken at the foreign university may be used for the co-major; additional courses in unrelated disciplines may not earn credit for this major.

For both languages, proficiency shown by testing will be honored; upper-level electives of the language may be substituted.

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Dr. Margaret Ziolkowski
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Revised: 4 November 2014