Dr. Nicole Thesz interacts with German 201 Students Dr. Nicole Thesz interacts with German 201 Students

Departmental Co-Majors

Miami students are increasingly electing to study more than one foreign language, and quite frequently to combine a Western languages with a non-Western one. Students who decide to branch out into a second language will derive the greatest benefit if they move beyond the first year in their second language. A co-major in will help students structure their language course selections so that they can acquire significant competence in both of the languages they elect, even if they do not delve as deeply into either language as a major in one or the other would permit. Students who choose to pursue a co-major will be able to focus on the language acquisition they desire, often as a prospective professional skill, more deeply as well as more widely than a major or minor in one language alone would permit. For students outside the College of Arts and Sciences, a co-major (in contrast to a stand-alone major) offers the advantage of not necessitating completion of CAS divisional requirements.