Teaching Certification in German for the State of Ohio

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To prepare to teach in the Ohio public schools, you will need teacher certification through through Miami's Department of Teacher Education in the  College of Education, Health, and Society, in McGuffey Hall 401. A second teaching field, for example, in English, another foreign language, social studies, math, or science, is desirable, since many school districts may need someone who can teach in more than one subject.

Ohio state certification in German has a 45-credit requirement in German, as follows:

At least 31 semester hours at the 300 level or above, including electives chosen from:

  • GER 301 (3 credits), Advanced German composition and conversation, or
  • GER 303 (3 credits), German for business
  • GER 304 (2 credits), The pronunciation of German
  • GER 311 (3 credits), Passionate friendships in German literature
  • GER 312 (3 credits), Coming of age in German life and thought
  • GER 321 (3 credits), Cultural topics in German-speaking Europe, or
  • GER 322 (3 credits), Comparative culture of the everyday
  • GER 461 (3 credits) Germany: Milestones in the 20th century
  • GER 471/571 (3 credits), Linguistic perspectives on contemporary German

Two additional 400-level German courses (3 credits each)

  • GER 241 OR GER 242 (2 credits each), German conversation
  • GER 310 (3 credits), Life and thought in German literature
  • GER 330 (1-2; maximum 3 total credits), German Drama Production
  • GER 331 (3 credits), Structure of modern German*
  • GER 410 (1-4 credits) Seminar in German language and literature
  • GER 461 (3 credits), Germany: Milestones in the 20th century

Oral and Written proficiency in German must be demonstrated prior to student teaching. This is achieved by passing GER 301 with a grade of 'B' or better as well as by obtaining an minimum score of  "Intermediate-Mid" (however, "Advanced-Low" is recommended) on both ACTFL's Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the Writing Proficiency Test (WPT).

In addition, you must complete professional education requirements as determined by Miami's College of Education, Health, and Society..