Faculty and Staff Associated with East Asian Studies

Tourist Shop in Beijing Tourist Shop in Beijing
 Hiroshima Memorial  Hiroshima Memorial
 Hong Kong Harbour at NIght  Hong Kong Harbour at NIght
Hong Kong Cityscape Hong Kong Cityscape
 Kyoto Temple  Kyoto Temple
 Laotian All-Seeing Statue  Laotian All-Seeing Statue
Tiananmen Square Tiananmen Square
 Tokyo Temple  Tokyo Temple
 Vietnamese Golden Dragon  Vietnamese Golden Dragon
 Xian Mosque  Xian Mosque

Toops, Stanley – Advisor (GEO/ITS)  Ph.D. Geography, University of Washington
Ethnicity, Development, Tourism, Trade, and Resources in China and Inner Asia

Hatch, Michael (ART) Ph.D.  Art, Princeton
East Asian Art, Chinese painting, Contemporary art

Harada, Kazue (GRAMELAC) Ph.D.  Japanese language and Literature, Washington University
Modern Japanese literature, science fiction

Jiang, Ziying (GEO) Ph.D.  Geography, Clark University
Physical geography, geographic information systems, China

Jiao, Yang (ATH) Ph.D.  Athropology, University of Florida 
Transnationalism, China, Africa

Kim, Seonjin  (STA) Ph.D.  Statistics, Pennsylvania State
Time series, longitudinal date, Korea

Lee, Lena (EDT) Ph.D.  Indiana University
Early Childhood Education, Korea

Lee, Sooun  (ISA) Ph.D. Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Management Information Systems, Databases, and Business Practices in Asia

Liu, Xiuwu (GRAMELAC/ Western) Ph.D. Comparative studies in Discourse and Society, University of Minnesota
Chinese literature, interdisciplinary studies, satire

Pan, Yihong (HST) Ph.D. Asian Studies, University of British Columbia
Chinese History, Tang dynasty, Cultural Revolution, Chinese women’s history

Prior, Daniel (HST) Ph.D. Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University
Inner Asian history, nomadic culture, oral heroic poetry

Reider, Noriko (GRAMELAC) Ph.D. Japanese Literature, The Ohio State University
Japanese tales of supernatural and folklore, Japanese film, history and culture

Rakovan, John (GLG) Ph.D. SUNY- Stony Brook
Geochemistry, mineralogy, Japan

Shi, Liang (GRAMELAC) Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts
Traditional Chinese Fiction, Classic Chinese Culture, and Comparative Literature

Tai, Heeyong (CHM)  Ph. D. Food Science, Penn State University
Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Science in Society , Korea

Wang Aimin (EDP) Ph.D. University of Nebraska Lincoln
Educational Psychology, Chinese education

Wang, Lihong (GRAMELAC) MA International Management , University of Denver
Chinese language, Chinese culture, language pedagogy

Wicks, Robert (Art Museum) Ph.D. Oriental Art History, Cornell University
India, Early Chinese and Southeast Asian Art, and Asian Monetary History

Yang, Haosheng (GRAMELAC) Ph. D. East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Chinese Literature in the Late Imperial Period, Film Study