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The Minor in Japanese


The Japanese minor program provides exposure to literature and culture along with systematic language training in all four areas of abilities: speaking, understanding spoken language, reading and writing. The program also emphasizes an understanding of social and cultural aspects of Japanese life. The program provides undergraduates with a notation for advanced work concentrated in Japanese language and culture.

* A minor in Japanese may be used to fulfill the thematic sequence requirement.


The minor in Japanese requires eighteen (18) semester hours above the 100 level.

Select four (4) from the following courses:          

  • JPN 201 - Second Year Japanese I
  • JPN 202 - Second Year Japanese II
  • JPN 301 - Third Year Japanese I
  • JPN 302 - Third Year Japanese II
  • JPN 401 - Fourth Year Japanese I
  • JPN 402 - Fourth Year Japanese II

Select two (2) of the following courses:                        

  • ATH 309/ENG 303/GER 309/SPN 303 - Introduction to Linguistics
  • JPN 231 - Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation
  • JPN 255 - Drama in China and Japan in English Translation
  • JPN 260 - Topics in Japanese Literature in English Translation*
  • JPN 266 - Survey of Japanese Cinema
  • JPN 381 - Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
  • JPN 401 - Fourth Year Japanese I**
  • JPN 402 - Fourth Year Japanese II**

* Maximum of 9 credit hours
** if not used for language hours

Other courses not listed above may count towards the minor, including one-time offerings, honors courses, etc. Contact the Japanese program adviser. The courses must be taken with a 2.0 grade point average. Courses taken on a Pass/Non-Pass basis may not be applied to the minor. The Japanese language, culture and literature credits taken at other institutions and transferred to Miami may be used to fulfill the requirements.

For more information or questions about the Japanese minor, please contact:

Dr. Noriko Reider
Irvin Hall 149
Department Phone: (513) 529-2526
Office Phone: (513) 529-2522

(revised 30 January 2017)