Combined BA + MA in History

The Department of History at Miami University provides undergraduate and graduate training leading to a combined Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA).  Students develop expertise in historical thinking, historical research, historical sub-fields, and writing and teaching history.  The department allows students in the combined program to double count up to nine hours.

Undergraduate Preparation:  Students should be enrolled in the history major and should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies in History in order to develop an appropriate plan of study as an undergraduate History major.

Full Admission:  Upon earning a minimum of 64 credit hours, students may apply for admission to the combined program in History.  Formal application to the program must be made by the second Monday of the spring semester of the junior year.  Students admitted to the program will normally meet the following criteria:  cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher, with a GPA of 3.75 or higher in the History major; completion by the beginning of the fall semester of their senior year of 116 undergraduate credit hours or their equivalent; and completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test in the fall of the junior year with scores in the verbal section of the test of above 153, and in the analytical writing section of 4.5 or above.  (The subject test in History is optional.)

Application Procedures:  To apply to the combined BA/MA program, go to the Graduate School website to complete the online application and pay the application fee.  Be sure to check "combined program."  The History Department also requires a two- to three-page personal statement about the field of interest and career objectives; an academic writing sample of 10 to 20 pages, preferably on a historical topic; three letters of recommendation, preferably from history faculty; and appropriate GRE scores.  Students in the combined program may apply for assistantships for their fifth year of study, that is, after they have completed the BA.  The department will accept part-time students, although they are not eligible for assistantships.

Student Classification and Graduation:  Students in a combined program will remain as undergraduates until they apply for graduation or submit a request to the Graduate School to have their classification changed from undergraduate to graduate.  Students must have completed a minimum of 128 hours to be classified as a graduate student (note:  this change in classification will affect eligibility for financial aid).  Students may receive their bachelor's degree prior to completing their master's degree.  Upon receiving the bachelor's degree, students will automatically be classified as graduate students.  Students receiving the bachelor's degree prior to completing the master's degree can count up to 9 hours of graduate course work toward their bachelor's degree with permission of the appropriate advisor(s) and dean(s) or their designee(s).  Those hours can also count toward the completion of their master's degree.  Regular time-limits for completing the master's degree apply to students in a combined program (see the Graduate School Handbook for more information).  A minimum of 150 hours is required for the combined program; 120 semester hour minimum for a bachelor's degree and 30 hour minimum for a master's degree.