Meet our Graduate Students

Evan AshEvan Ash

I was born, raised, and attended college in Green Bay, WI.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in 2017 with a double major in Theatre and Democracy & Justice Studies and a History minor.  I study 20th century United States cultural history, and my thesis project concerns a Cincinnati group that published evaluations of comic books in Parents' Magazine.  Outside of school, I enjoy basketball (Go Celtics!), reading, video games, and collecting comics, CDs, and records.

Adam BrunoAdam Bruno

I was born outside of Newark Ohio, but grew up in Bloomington Illinois.  I graduated from Valparaiso University in 2017 where I studied History and Secondary Education.  I study 20th century American political and social history; my focus is on backlash and the rise of conservatism.  In particular how backlash has been employed in electoral rhetoric.  Outside of school I enjoy running some mileage, as well as watching sports and comedy tv shows.

Alexandra FairAlli Fair

I study the history of science and medical technology in the United States.  Outside of school I enjoy going for walks and learning to cook.

Conor GahreConnor Gahre

I was born and raised in Southern California, and I have a Bachelor's in History as well as Political Science from California State University, San Bernardino, where my undergraduate thesis project involved comparative revolutionary philosophy of Thomas Paine and Chairman Mao.  At Miami, I plan on researching modernity in East Asia.  When not engaged with school work I enjoy Game of Thrones, hiking, and listening to podcasts.

Louis GrunLouis Grün

I was born and raised in the tiny Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.  I attended the University of Luxembourg and earned a Bachelor's degree in European Culture and English Studies.  In the fall of 2017 I completed a semester at Miami University as part of my exchange program.  I am mainly interested in the First and Second World War and the Interwar period but I also enjoy learning about feudal Japanese and Chinese history and the Renaissance as well as Luxembourgish history.  In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, watching movies, gaming and traveling.  I also love cheese and trying new kinds of food.

Austin HallAustin Hall

I was born and raised in a small town in western Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh.  I attended Thiel College in 2017 and earned a BA in History, English Writing and English Literature with a Minor in Latin.  My research focuses on the interwar era and the rise of Nazism in Germany and America throughout the early part of the Twentieth Century, particularly in the political and nationalistic spheres.  When I am not working on my studies, I enjoy watching Netflix, reading, or cheering on my Steelers and Bucs!

Amanda LawsonAmanda Lawson

I was born and raised in Lima, Ohio.  I attended Miami for my undergrad and majored in both History and Latin American, Latino/a, Caribbean Studies, with minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship.  After graduating in 2015, I spent two years in Columbus as a youth director before being drawn back to my alma mater.  My graduate focus is on US foreign relations history as it relates to Latin American development.  When I'm not doing history things, I love to travel, watch movies, and play with puppies.

Paul LudiPaul Ludi

I was born and raised in South Africa in places most people won't know.  I completed my MA in History at the University of Pretoria, along with a BA in History and Archaeology, before coming here to Miami.  In my previous MA I focused on Comparative History, specifically on an individual called Jan Christiaan Smuts.  In Miami I hope to focus on a study involving southern Africa and the American West with regards to colonialism.  When not working I enjoy nature, rock music, reading and having fun.

Patrick MwanjawalaPatrick Mwanjawala

I was born and raised in Malawi, Africa.  I obtained my undergraduate degree in History from the University of Livingstonia, Laws Campus.  My interest is in understanding Africa and Africans from historical perspective.  I am studying MA history with specialties in African nationalism.

Kristin OsborneKristin Osborne

I was born in Michigan and raised in Akron, Ohio.  In 2018 I earned a BA in History with minors in German and European Studies from Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College.  For my graduate research, I am interested in the emergence of nationalism in early modern Scotland and the Scottish Reformation.  I am a lover of horses and have spent the past four summers driving draft horses on Mackinac Island in Michigan.  When I am not working I enjoy riding and driving my horse, cuddling with my cat, traveling, and watching the Office.

Zinaida OsipovaZinaida Osipova

I was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, which is where I spent the first 18 years of my life before coming to the United States for my education.  I got my bachelor's in Biology with a minor in French at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  During my bachelor's, I spent a semester in Paris studying History at the Sorbonne.  My graduate research interests lie in Imperial Russia, with a specific topic to be determined.  Outside of school, I love traveling, taking pictures, watching biathlon, and hanging out with my cat.

Mina ParkMina Park

I was born and raised in South Korea.  Before I came to Miami, I earned an MA in History from the Chung-Ang University in Seoul, titled "The historical view of Charles H. Haskins through the theory of the twelfth-century renaissance."  My current interests are mainly in the U.S.'s 20th century foreign relations in Asia.  I like to experience something new like travelling and learning foreign languages or culture.  When I am not working on my studies, I enjoy reading philosophy books, watching sports, playing sports, and doing nothing.

Eric RhodesEric Rhodes

I was born in Akron, Ohio:  the erstwhile home of Devo, LeBron James, The Black Keys, and American rubber manufacturing.  I attended Antioch College in my beloved Yellow Springs where I earned a BA in History and French and undertook coursework in the media arts.  A lover of cities, I have lived and worked in London, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Lille, and, most recently and happily, New York City.  My research focuses on 20th century urbanity, with particular interests in inequality, housing, arts and culture, region, and intellectual history.  When I'm not in my office, I enjoy watching and making non-fiction films, listening to podcasts, and sampling fine ice creams.

Kaylie SchunkKaylie Schunk

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, I earned a BA in History from Miami Universitiy in 2018 with a focus on American history and law.  My undergraduate thesis focused on national identity formation of the Myaamiaki (Miami Tribe) and the United States during the late eighteenth century.  My current research includes childhood and nationalism within the context of the McGuffey Readers.  When I am not conducting research, my interests include watching stand-up comedy, singing, and all things Harry Potter.

Danialle StebbinsDanialle Stebbins

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, I graduated from Alma College in 2017 with a BA in history, foreign service, and political science.  My historical iinterests lie in Modern Eastern Europe, mostly the 1989 revolutions in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland.  When not working, I enjoy playing with my cat, reading a good book, and traveling.

Edward StrongEdward Strong

I was born near Rochester, New York.  I attended undergrad at Wittenberg University, class of 2011.  I received a BA in History with minors in English and PAST.  My historical interests are mainly in US 19th and 20th century politics and culture.  When not working, I enjoy Movies, the New York Yankees, and listening to podcasts.

Ben SusmanBen Susman

I study American history.  I am interested in the turn from the nineteenth iinto the twentieth century.  I received bachelor's degrees from the University of Maryland (2015) in history and journalism with a minor in creative writing.  After graduation, I was a tutor at a local community college and worked for a mail-order book company.  I am from Laurel, Maryland.

Remy WillocksRemy Willocks

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  I graduated with my BA in history in May 2018 before continuing on with the combined BA/MA program offered here at Miami.  My historical focus is American Cultural History with a specific look at entertainment history like television, Broadway, and film.  Apart from working on my thesis, I love Marvel, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and dancing.