Consider a Double Major!

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Double majoring in mathematics can raise your earning potential by up to 30% in some fields, according to a study at Vanderbilt University.  Mathematics as part of a double major shows businesses a "do more, do more" attitude that is highly marketable in today's job market.

Can you resist a puzzle when you see one? No. Great!

If you like solving problems, puzzles, or using locgic just for the fun of it Mathematics may be right for you.  

Mathematics can teach you new ways of solving puzzles, win games, and succeed at difficult problems.  Not to mention, just how far away from the practical logic can take you. 

Say you go to a party and the host asks you to play a game by completing certain tasks.  One task is to shake hands with two different people, and only two different people.  If everyone who comes to the party is playing will everyone be able to shake the hands of exactly two other people?  Or will someone be left out?

The answer to this question is given by the Hand-Shaking Lemma, which is taught in MTH 438.

Have you ever seen the game Chomp before? if you are tired of losing to the computer MTH 437/537 might help you understand the computer’s strategy.

Did you play Dots and Boxes with your family and friends when you were younger?  MTH 437/537 might help you find a winning strategy. (Forget what it is, search online or click here:)

Like games? Here’s one you might learn how to win in MTH 437/537 (Game Theory and .  It’s called Nim

Want to figure out how much of a two different vitamin supplements to take in addition to your multivitamin so that you don’t go over a healthy amount of any given vitamin but get the most of each possible? MTH 432/532 (Optimization) will teach you how to solve the problem with math!