Force Add and Section Swap Requests (Oxford Campus)

If you are unable to register for a Mathematics (MTH) course at Miami University, but you wish to place your name on a list in case a place in that course becomes available, you will need to complete and submit a force add request form. You will be notified by e-mail when you have been added to the class you requested. This is departmental policy. Do not ask faculty to add you to classes.

Before you begin filling out Force Add Request form in the link below, first obtain your DAR (for more information see as you will need to upload it in the form.  

• If you are registered for one section of a course and need to switch to another section of the same course because of a schedule conflict, do not fill out a force add form. Instead, fill out a section swap form.  You are also required to state a reason for the request; this will be checked for accuracy at the time your request is processed. You will be notified by e-mail when the swap has taken place.

• If you wish to cancel a request (force add or section swap) you had previously submitted, simply send a message to with your full name, uniqueid, plus number, and the course in question with the message title “Cancel request”.

• If you realize that you need to correct an error in a previous request, resubmit your request with the message title “Correction to request”.

Force Add Request Form (Oxford Campus)

Section Swap Request Form (Oxford Campus)