Microbes infecting cells
Microbiology at Miami

Microbiology Seminar Series

Spring 2014

218 Pearson Hall
Wednesdays@4:15 pm

January 29

No Seminar

February 5

Dr. Blossom A. Damania - Distinguished Microbiology Lecturer     CANCELLED
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
KSHV encoded viral homologs: Roles in cell survival and immune evasion

February 12

Dr. William W. Metcalf
University of Illinois
Mining microbial genomes for novel antibiotics

February 19

No Seminar

February 26

Dr. Shaun Lee
University of Notre Dame
Bacteriocins: How bacteria compete, communicate, and kill

March 5

Emily Ohneck (MBI 690 Seminar)

March 12

Dr. Julie Olson - CAS Alumni Lecture Series
University of Alabama
The challenges associated with studying marine diseases

March 19

No Seminar

March 24

No Seminar - Spring Break

April 2

Dr. Robert E. Davis
USDA Agricultural Research Service
Spiroplasmas and phytoplasmas: Cell wall-less prokaryotic parasites of plants and arthropods

April 9

No Seminar

April 17 (Thursday, 4:00 pm, 112 Pearson Hall)

Dr. Victor Nizet - Orton K. Stark Lecturer
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Molecular pathogenesis of invasive streptococcal infections

April 18 (Thursday, 4:00 pm, 218 Pearson Hall)

Dr. Victor Nizet - Orton K. Stark Lecturer
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Anti-antibiotics: Outside-the-box approaches to treat drug-resistant pathogens

April 23

Dr. Julie Villanueva
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public health response to emerging influenza viruses

April 30

Dr. Pranav Danthi
Indiana University Bloomington
Regulation of reovirus-induced cell death

May 7

Dr. Kevin Mason
The Ohio State University
Haemophilus influenzae: biofilms, invasion and disease severity

May 14

Dr. David Wendell
University of Cincinnati
Engineering remediation materials and sensors with synthetic biology

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This Week in MBI

Microbiology Grad Student Seminar:

Jenna Dolhi dissertation defense
"Environmental impacts on RubisCO: from green algal laboratory isolates to Antarctic lake communities"
Tue., July 29 @ 10:30 AM; 218 PSN

Rachel Pritchard dissertation defense
"Catalase activity, potential virulence factors, and their response to oxygen in Mycoplasma iowae"
Fri., August 1 @ 10:00 AM; 116 PSN

Microbiology Seminar Series:

None scheduled this week

Molecular Biology Grad Student Seminar:

None scheduled this week