Fluorescence microscopy
Microbiology at Miami

Microbiology Seminar Series

Fall 2014

218 Pearson Hall
Wednesdays@4:15 pm

August 27

Dr. Irina Artsimovitch
The Ohio State University
Repurposing of a transcription elongation factor

September 3

No Seminar

September 10

Dr. Kelly Wrighton
The Ohio State University

September 17

Dr. Michael Wilkins
The Ohio State University

September 24

Dr. Stephen Zinder
Cornell University

October 1

Dr. Rollie J. Clem
Kansas State University

October 8

Dr. Blossom A. Damania - Distinguished Microbiology Lecturer
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
KSHV encoded viral homologs: Roles in cell survival and immune evasion

October 15

Dr. Lisa M. Jones
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

October 22

No Seminar

October 29

Dr. Heather Wasserman
Eli Lilly and Company

November 5

Dr. John Cavanagh - JK Bhattacharjee Distinguished Microbiology Lecturer
North Carolina State University
Overcoming Bacterial Resistance

November 12

No Seminar

November 19

Dr. Michael Flagler
Procter & Gamble

December 3

Emily Ohneck
Graduate Student seminar

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This Week in MBI

Microbiology Grad Student Seminar:

Heather Beck
Title: Potential for novel regulation mechanisms via AUG triplets at the 5´ terminus of canonical leadered mRNAs of Escherichia coli
Mon., October 27 @ 4:15 PM; 218 Pearson Hall

Microbiology Seminar Series:

Dr. Heather Wasserman, Dr. Chris Vlahos, Dr. Kathy Lee
Eli Lilly
Title: "Career opportunities in science and industry"
Wed., October 29 @ 4:15 PM; 218 Pearson Hall

CMSB Grad Student Seminar:

Sayantan Mitra (BIO)
Theme: Cell Cycle & Regulation
Title: TBA
Fri., October 31 @ 2:30 PM; 143 Hughes Hall