Fluorescent bacteria
Microbiology at Miami

Graduate Student Seminars

MBI 690 Seminars
Fall 2018

218 Pearson Hall
Mondays@4:15 pm

September 5

Organizarional Meeting
No seminar

September 12, Wednesday

Adam Creighbaum
“Elucidating the Pathway for Glycine Betaine Catalysis by Methanolobus vulcani B1d”

September 17

Monica Feng
“The impact of Mycoplasma pneumoniae biofilms on persistence"

September 24

Isha Kalra
“Role of cyclic electron flow and Photosystem I supercomplex formation during acclimation to long-term stress”

October 1

Gabrielle Stanley
“Chromatin Dynamics in Adenovirus Infection

October 8

Mariah Squire
Acinetobacter baumannii Light Sensing & Regulatory Functions

October 15

Jenna DeLuca
“Examination of B cell activation through FCRL1

October 22

Elizabeth Lucas
“SLAMF9-Mediated Immunomodulatory Signaling

October 29

Sonali Singapuri
“Identifying and Characterizing Transcription Factors for Enhanced Limonene Production in Cyanobacteria

November 5

Austin Grant
“Carbon Production by Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria

November 12

Shasten Sherwell
“Response of Phytoplankton Communities to Disturbances in Ice-Covered Lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys

November 19

Thanksgiving Week
No seminar

November 26

Sabita Ghimire
“Charaacterization of complete ammonia oxidizing enrichment cultures from freshwater

December 3

Shrameeta Shinde
“A novel photo-heterotrophic consortium for enhanced limonene biosynthesis