Kosovo 2017 - A Place with a Story to Tell

For more information, contact Ed Arnone at arnoneej@miamioh.edu or visit http://miamiuinkosovo.org.

The Kosovo Summer Program gives students the opportunity to combine classroom studies in the morning with experiential learning in afternoon internships. During their 8 weeks, students really get to know the people of Kosovo, a youthful country where half the population is 25 or younger. They are creating an open society and building a new democracy. Kosovars are especially welcoming to Americans because of our ongoing role in their freedom and independence.

Students earn 8 credits and all classes are in English. The “News Media in a Democracy” (JRN 421) course can serve as a capstone. The “Peacebuilding in the Balkans” course (ITS 365) fulfills study abroad requirements for International Studies, and meets graduation needs for most majors. Depending on their goals and interests, students intern as reporters at a respected online news magazine, or work at non-profit organizations that focus on human rights, health, environment, or building democracy.

Group travel includes daytrips to nearby historic cities and a 4-day trip to Dubrovnik, on the famous Croatia coast. Students may travel independently on their 3-day weekends. The Kosovo Program is in its 10th year. It is open to all majors.