Samir Bali


Samir Bali

108 Kreger Hall

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  • BSc Lucknow University, India 1986
  • PhD University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 1994
  • Joined Miami in 2000

I teach graduate-level electromagnetism and undergraduate intro-level physics, and an advanced lab on lasers and optics for seniors and grad students.

My research area is experimental quantum optics and optical physics, including novel optical sensing methods. In our labs we have three principal directions of research:

  1. We investigate the dynamics of ultracold atoms confined in an “optical lattice”, for applications in nanolithography and quantum computing. An “optical lattice” consists of atoms at temperatures of few microKelvins organized in crystal-like fashion in periodic potential wells induced by the interference of several laser beams. The depth, shape, and spacing of the wells can be adjusted by varying laser intensity, polarization, and frequency.
  2. We investigate the phenomena of electromagnetically induced transparency and electromagnetically induced absorption in atomic vapors, for application in the “slowing” and storage of light inside an atomic medium, and sensitive magnetometry.
  3. We investigate novel optical sensing methods in turbid media (i.e., non-transparent, highly scattering media such as milk, animal tissue, petroleum products) for bio/environmental applications.

I am a faculty member of the Macklin Quantum Information Sciences (MQuIS) Group at Miami. MQuIS is a node (member) of the internationally renowned Southwestern Quantum Information and Technology (SQuInT) network.

In my plentiful free time, I enjoy playing cricket/baseball/table tennis/racquetball/badminton with my daughter and son, and volleyball with my students.