S. Burçin Bayram

ProfessorS. Burçin Bayram

101 Kreger Hall




  • M.Sc., Physics, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia 1994
  • Ph.D., Physics, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia 1998
  • Joined Miami University in 2002

I teach graduate and undergraduate-level Advanced Laboratory in Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, calculus-based physics at the introductory level for science and engineering majors, Energy and Society for non-science majors, and advanced physics for physics majors.

My research interests cover quantum-optical spectroscopy and laser spectroscopy topics in atomic, molecular and optical physics. We pursue spectroscopy experiments which span a variety of areas of fundamental and applied physics and physical chemistry in order to probe the dynamics and properties of atomic and molecular systems with a sequence of laser pulses. My research group also investigates the collisional dynamics of highly excited atomic and molecular states. We use variety of techniques such as time-resolved fast and ultrafast laser spectroscopy, polarization spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy, quantum beat spectroscopy using time-delayed detection technique, and molecular quantum optics.

My laboratory equipped with Ti:sapphire pico-second pulse laser, Millenia Xs 532-nm at 10W, Coherent Verdi cw solid-state laser at 532 nm with 100MHz, Nd:YAG 5ns pulse laser operating at 1064, 532, 355 nm simultaneously, pulsed dye lasers ranging from 380 nm to 900 nm, and detectors such as cooled CCD and cooled photomultipliers, ultrafast detectors, gated integrator/averager, lock-in amplifiers, various electro-optical devices such as liquid crystal retarders, polarizing crystals, various waveplates, medium-, and high-resolution spectrometers, data acquisition equipment, and LabVIEW programming.