Mahmud Khan

Associate Professor
Department Graduate Director

Mahmud Khan

104 Kreger Hall
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  • BSc Computer Science, Southern Illinois University, 2001
  • MS Physics, Southern Illinois University, 2004
  • PhD Applied Physics, Southern Illinois University, 2007
  • Joined Miami in 2013

I teach introductory level physics courses PHY191/192. Through teaching these courses I intend to demonstrate to the students the elegance and beauty of Physics as well as its applicability to solving real-world problems. The purpose is well fulfilled when students participate in physics research. Therefore, I highly encourage the students to visit my research lab and explore their possibilities of participating in the ongoing research projects. In addition, I teach graduate-level courses such as Solid State Physics.

My research area is experimental condensed matter. The research in my lab is centered on novel magnetic materials (broadly defined) that exhibit multifunctional properties. We are interested in the synthesis of these materials mainly by arc melting and high temperature annealing and sintering techniques. The properties of the materials are explored by several characterization techniques including x-ray diffraction, magnetization, magneto-transport and several other techniques. The properties that we are particularly interested include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Coupled and decoupled magnetic and structural transitions
  • Giant magnetocaloric effects
  • Giant magnetoresistance
  • Exchange bias effects
  • Magnetic shape memory effects
  • High TC superconductivity
  • High Performance Permanent magnets