2017-18 Physics Mentors

About the Program

The Miami University Physics Department is dedicated to ensuring all new and current students get the most out of their undergraduate experience. Our department is uniquely distinguished by our commitment to undergraduate teaching, our high volume of involvement in undergraduate research, and our various departmental programs and clubs into which students are encouraged to get involved. We are pleased to be able to offer a mentoring program to our incoming freshmen, transfer students, and students new to the department. The mentor program was implemented by students for students. It is comprised of upperclassmen student volunteers. The program’s goal is to aid new students in their transition into the department by acting as a bridge between students and faculty, providing guidance on class scheduling, aiding in the involvement of undergraduate research, and diminishing the social gap between upper and underclassmen. The Physics Department is a very closely knit community and our goal is to ensure that all new and current students feel welcome. Future students...we look forward to meeting you!

Sara ZanfardinoSara Zanfardino
I am a second year Master’s student in the Department of Physics. I grew up in a Northwest suburb of Chicago and earned my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Miami. I implemented the Mentor Program because I believe that no student should go through college alone. In any context, transitioning is a challenging part of life, and our program’s purpose is to make the journey easier. My vision for the Mentor Program was to create a place where new students feel comfortable. Our mentors aid in general academic guidance, research advice, and any other inquiries one may have. I speak from personal experience when I say that the students and professors in Physics make it their priority to ensure all students find their niche. We look forward to meeting you future physicists and hope that one day, you’ll be inspired to be a mentor, too.

Patrick CarrollPatrick Carroll
I am a first-year master’s student in Physics and a non-traditional student, as well as a Marine Corps veteran with a background in music and journalism. Currently, I serve as the president of the Society of Physics Students, Head Tutor at the Rinella Learning Center, a member of the Student Veterans Association, and am one of the founders and leaders the mentoring program, alongside Sara. I strongly believe in both diversity and supporting the physics and scientific communities, and I seek to use my unique background to assist those new to Miami and the department.

Anthony YoungAnthony Young
I am a second year master’s student in Physics, having received a BS degree in Biological Physics at Miami. When I came here as an undergraduate student, I was unsure of what to study until my first physics class. In that course, I found it fascinating to learn how and why the world around us works the way it does. So, studying physics was the academic path that I wanted to pursue. While studying physics, it helps to be in a setting filled with people that share your interests and offer different points of views and explanations of the topics, and this is exactly what the Mentor Program aims to do. I wanted to be a member of the community that provides this support for one another. The mentors can provide the students with answers to any questions or concerns that they may have and be a source of information that may not otherwise be readily available to them

Amber WilliamsAmber Williams
I’m a senior Engineering Physics and Mathematics double major. When I was a first year student, I kept to myself and didn’t know any other physics majors. I didn’t know that there was a community within the physics department. Now, with the Mentor Program, new physics students can easily get to know the department and receive personal guidance through their first year here. I know that I had questions about classes, research and general college life when I first arrived at Miami, and now, I can answer those questions. If you are coming to Miami University for physics, know that you will feel comfortable and be successful here.

Anthony RappAnthony Rapp
I am a first-year master’s student in Physics. I've gotten the chance to study for a bachelors in both physics and music, in addition to a minor in math. I'm in the mentor program because I remember my first year at Miami, and all of my questions and concerns. I didn't have many connections in the department, and hadn't really met anyone until my second year. I want to provide the opportunity for first year's to know their department, and to have some insight from people who have gone through the requirements before. It's my goal to show why I love the physics department and how a student can get what they're looking for from this university.

Tiago SchaefferTiago Schaeffer
I am a senior Physics and Percussion Major. I was born in Flagstaff Arizona, and lived in St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Oxford. I joined the mentor program so that I may help others plan for their college career. I have received a lot of guidance from my father, a professor at Miami. I wish to help those who do not have that connection, and to impart the wisdom of my father on those who wish to hear it, which I can do through the mentor program.


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