Seminars and Lectures

Spring 2023, 4:25pm, 221 Kreger Hall, unless otherwise noted

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Jan 25—No Seminar, First Week of Class

Feb 1—Undergraduate Research Presentations

Grant Brown, Physics Major & Reese Tyra, Physics & Music Performance Double Major

"In the Nanoworld, Noise Helps! Developing a Directionally Arbitrary Nano Ratchet"

Morgan Davies, Physics & Chemistry Double Major

"Rovibrationally Resolved Lifetime of the 6sSg(v=40,J) State of Molecular Sodium"

Feb 8—Evgeny Mikheev, University of Cincinnati

"Quantum point contacts in an oxide superconductor SrTiO3"

Feb 15—Thomas O'Sullivan, University of Notre Dame

"Seeing More with Less: Enabling the Future of Deep Tissue Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy"

Feb 22—TBA


Mar 1—Kanu Sinha, Arizona State University

"Superduperradiance: Collective Atom-field Interactions in Waveguide QED"

Mar 8—Doerte Blume, University of Oklahoma


Mar 9—Benson Lecture: Christopher Jarzynski, University of Maryland


Mar 15—Satish Prabhakaran, General Electric


Mar 22—No Seminar, Spring Break

Mar 29—Priest Lecture: Robert "Doc" Brown, Case Western Reserve University

"From Elementary Particle Physics to Helping Save Lives and Teach Better"
Alternatively, "Bob Dylan, Sheldon Cooper, Radiation Zeros, FormerSstudents, our Big Green Book, Teaching in "Cycles", Malaria, Flashcards, RF Startup Company, Met Operas...Oh My!"

Apr 5—Nathan Lundblad, Bates College


Apr 12—Ercan Alp, Argonne National Lab


Apr 19—Vincent Billock, Senior Research Scientist, Leidos, Inc. & Naval Areospace Medical Research Laboratory


Apr 26—Sophia Economou (tent.), Virginia Tech


May 3—No Seminar, Awards Presentation