Fall 2014 Seminars

September 10 - Jennifer Blue, Miami University Physics Department, "Discipline-Based Education Research: General to Specific"
Stephen Alexander, Miami University Physics Department, "Some Recent Student Work in Computational Astrophysics"

September 17 - James Clemens, Miami University Physics Department, "Ongoing Research in Quantum Optics"
Karthik Vishwanath, Miami University Physics Department, "Tissue Optics: Illuminating Biomedicine with Spectroscopy"

September 23 - Sujoy Roy, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Shining light on topological magnetic states: Insight into skyrmions and monopoles"

October 1 - Samir Bali, Miami University Physics Department
"Optical Lattices and Ratchets with Ultracold Atoms, Magnetic Sensing in Giant Refractive Index materials, and Optical Sensing in Highly Scattering Opaque media"

October 8 - Jonathan Dudley, Alumnus, University of Cincinnati
"From Physics to Psychiatry: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the Investigation of Bipolar Disorder"

October 15 - Louis Strigari, Texas A&M
"Galactic Searches for Dark Matter"

October 22 - Burçin Bayram, Miami University Physics Department, "Bayram Research in Laser Spectroscopy"
Patrick Boyle and Jacob McFarland, undergraduates

October 29 - Susan Gardner, University of Kentucky
"Changing Perspectives on Dark Matter"

November 12 - Josh Jasensky, Alumnus, University of Michigan
"Nonlinear Optical Methods for Noninvasive Analytics"

November 21 - Howard Carmichael, University of Auckland
"100 Years of Quantum Jumps: Inspiration & Reformulation"

December 3 - Khalid Eid, Miami University Physics Department, "Eid Research in Nanoscience and Materials"
Nada Masmali, graduate student, and Tyler Ody, undergraduate