Fall 2015 Seminars

Sept 2 - Faculty Research Poster Session, Lower level Kreger Hall

Sept 9 - Undergraduate Research Presentations

  • Kaleb Campbell, "Finding Quantum States From Husimi-Q Distributions"
  • Christen Setters, "Simulating Optical Lattices"
  • Tyler Ody, "Spontaneous Ferrofluid Motion within a Viscosity Controlling Magnetic Field"

Sept 16 - Luis A. Orozco, Joint Quantum Institute, Dept of Physics, University of Maryland
"Optical nanofibers"

Sept 22, 1-2pm 224 Kreger - Arfken Speaker, Paul Alsing, Air Force Research Laboratory
"Quantum Optics of Black Holes: Hawking radiation as squeezed light"

Sept 23 - Adrienne Traxler, Dept of Physics, Wright State University
"Using network analysis to describe collaboration in introductory physics"

Sept 30 - Michael Crescimanno, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Youngstown State University
"Non-linear optics of a strongly coupled multiple-cavity polariton"

Oct 7 - Alumnus Jeffrey Hyde, Dept of Physics, Arizona State University
"The Dark Side of the (Electroweak) Force? Early Universe Relics, Dark Matter, and the Higgs"

Oct 14 - Ellen Keister, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Earlham College
"Extremely Fast and Incredibly Small: Ultrafast Lasers and Applications"

Oct 21 - Christopher Hughes, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, James Madison University
"Using Solvents to Improve the Adhesion of Au to Polymer Surfaces for Microfluidic Devices"

Oct 28 - No Seminar

Nov 4 - Arfken Scholar-in-Residence, Shane Stadler, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University
"Giant Multicaloric Effects in a NiMnSi-based Alloy"

Nov 5, 7:00pm - Public Lecture, Arfken Scholar-in-Residence, Shane Stadler, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University
"Magnetic Refrigeration...the New Cool"

Nov 11 - Undergraduate Research Presentations

  • Dillon de Medeiros, "Zeeman Electromagnetically Induced Transparency"
  • Jacob McFarland, "Lifetime Measurement of the A¹Σu Electronic State of Diatomic Sodium"
  • Anthony Young, "A Study of Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging’s Sensitivity to Relative Changes of Flow"

Nov 18 - College of Arts and Science Distinguished Educator Lecture, Paul Urayama, Dept of Physics, Miami University
"From biomolecular folding to cellular metabolic sensing: A journey of student-driven biophysical research"

Nov 25 - Thanksgiving break

Dec 2 - Janie Robinson, Assistant Director, Career Services, Miami University