Fall 2016 Seminars

Aug 31 - No Seminar

Sept 7 - Alumnus Kenneth Mahrer, Independent Consultant
"Microseismic Monitoring of Deep Well Injection: A Diagnostic Tool and How It Came to Be"

Sept 14Faculty Research Poster Session, Lower Level Kreger Hall

Sept 21 - Undergraduate Research Presentations

  • Dylan Palo, "Fermilab Summer Internship: D0, G - 2, & Neutrino Physics"
  • Dillon DeMedieros, “Observation of electromagnetically induced transparency in atomic vapor using pump-probe spectroscopy”
  • Avnika Bali, "Structural Characterization of Lipid Nano-rings Using EPR Spectroscopy"

Sept 28 - No Seminar

Oct 5 - Dmitriy Garmatyuk, Miami University
"Ultra-wideband radar sensor based upon multi-carrier signal design: Fusion of detection, identification, communications, location and imaging"

Oct 12 - No Seminar

Oct 19 - Jeremiah Williams, Wittenberg University
"Experimental measurement of synchronization in the dust acoustic wave"

Oct 26 - Bing Yu, University of Akron
"Quantitative Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring"

Nov 2 - No Seminar, mandatory Graduate Student meeting

Nov 9 - Nalini Easwar, Smith College
"The Physics of Sand: Your visit to the beach will never be the same"

Nov 16 - Arne Schwettmann, University of Oklahoma
"Squeezing Spins in Ultracold Atomic Gases"

Nov 23 - No Seminar, Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30 - Poul Jessen, University of Arizona
"The spin and the twist: a story of quantum control, chaos and simulation"

Dec 7 - Robert Wilson, University of California, Irvine
"Using light to detect structural and functional changes in tissue properties related to physiological perturbations"