BS Physics - Designed to prepare students for graduate study and/or employment in physics or physics-related fields.  This program maximizes physics and mathematics concentrations.

BA Physics - Designed for students who want to obtain a strong scientific background to complement work in another area, e.g. those preparing for careers in teaching, business, law, or medicine. Students wishing a BA with a teaching license will have an adviser in the College of Education, Health, and Society, in addition to their physics adviser. Students should consult with their EHS advisor to plan their teaching licensure program. The other science courses included in the teacher licensure program normally satisfy the requirement of 10 hours in related areas.

BS Engineering Physics - Designed to be sufficiently flexible to prepare students for employment in physics-related jobs, or for further study in engineering and technical fields. There are three paths with this degree: Complete the 3-2 Binary Engineering Plan; complete ONE of the minors in the College of Engineering and Computing at Miami; or complete ONE of the applied physics tracks.

BS Biological Physics - Designed for careers in biological physics, biophysics, medical physics, medicine, and biomedical engineering. The program combines a broad science curriculum with physical and mathematical rigor, drawing from coursework in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and related disciplines.