Career Options in Political Science

So, what do you do with a political science major? That has understandably become the recurrent query of a number of prospective students who want to know more about where a major in political science can lead. From our surveys of recent graduates we can provide some concrete answers.

The more familiar view of political science is the one which associates it with three career choices: teaching, government services, and law, but political science can lead in very different career directions. Our graduates report such varied activities as graduate study in M.B.A. programs, military services, communications, sales and hospital administration. Employment in the private sector ranks as a common choice of many graduates.

Clearly, political science has a wide range of applications and provides a useful preparation for a variety of career options. While it is an appropriate base for advanced professional study and for government service, it also often serves as a springboard into business, industry, and such related careers as journalism, communications, research, publishing, and interest group work.

The limitations of space preclude a listing here of all the possibilities to which a political science major might lead and the details of avenues to pursue them. A good way to explore those alternatives is to acquaint yourself with the extensive resources of the Center for Career Exploration and Success, 200 Hoyt Hall. They are helpful and informed about career opportunities, and an early visit to their office is strongly encouraged. The Chief Departmental Advisor also has additional information on careers for political science majors. Also, keep an eye on the bulletin boards in Harrison Hall.

The Center for Career Exploration and Success sponsors the “Spotlight on Jobs” program every year. You can also meet with a Career Advisor from CCES in Harrison Hall, Room 214 (hours are posted on the door).

Visit Center for Career Exploration and Success at Miami University for additional information, opportunities, and to schedule an appointment.