The Department of Psychology blends a foundation in the major areas of psychology with other disciplines in the liberal arts to give you a broad range of skills, knowledge, and experiences. Being a psychology major at Miami University is more than just the classes—there are many opportunities to get involved with research, teaching and community service. The department offers a BA in Psychology as well as our PhD program. 

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. The discipline of psychology embraces all aspects of the human experience – from the functions of the brain to the environments in which humans and other animals develop: from child development to aging. Psychology is a science based on a large body of social science and behavioral science research and which is expanding its boundaries to overlap with neuroscience and health science. Psychologists study two critical relationships: one between brain function and behavior, and one between the environment and behavior. As scientists, psychologists follow scientific methods, using careful observation, experimentation, and analysis to learn more about the world in which we live and its inhabitants.

Left QuoteBeing a psychology major has opened my eyes to the depths of human nature and interactions.Right Quote

~Aimee Miley, Psychology Major, Class of 2016

Mission and Goals

The Department of Psychology has a multi-faceted mission that is both guided and informed by the missions of the College of Arts and Science and Miami University. The Department strives to contribute significantly to the education of undergraduate students, both majors and non-majors; to offer high quality specialized doctoral programs in several areas of psychology; to engage in diverse and contemporary research and scholarship that advances the problems; and to contribute expertise in service of the department, college, university, discipline, and broader community.

Career Opportunities

  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Non-Profits
  • Consulting Firms
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Market Research
  • Career counseling

Commitment to Teaching and Research

The Department of Psychology serves approximately 950 undergraduate majors and 80 graduate students across three areas. We offer more than 120 undergraduate course sections each year, including two popular Global Miami Plan Requirement courses. Psychology students earn on average more than 500 credits per year in independent study credit performing research and assisting professors with courses. The department has active Psi Chi and NuRho Psi honor societies as well as many Dean’s Scholars, Summer Scholars and more.

Left QuoteBeing a psychology major at Miami University meant learning from some of the best professors on campus. They consistently encouraged, challenged, and inspired us every day.Right Quote

~Lauren Whitley, Assoc. Account Manager, Cintas Corporation, Class of 2011

Declaring a Major in Psychology

All students interested in declaring a major in psychology must complete the Psychology New Majors Advising session. For instructions on accessing the session please go to the following page Psychology New Majors Advising Session.

Research Areas

The Department of Psychology is divided in to three subareas based on research and teaching interests, reflecting sub disciplines of psychology. This gives undergraduate students an opportunity to interact and learn from specialized faculty and graduate students within the program.

Brain and Cognitive Science

This area is working to understand the cognitive processes and neurobiological mechanisms involved in perceiving, learning, remembering, understanding, reasoning, and acting in the environment. Although, the research is theoretically motivated, a distinctive aspect of the Brain & Cognitive Science are is that much of the work involves applied research into real-world problems. As a result, our students are well prepared to continue their education and work in careers in industry as well as academia.

Clinical Program

The clinical graduate program at Miami University integrates science and practice. The program provides a systematic, developmentally-sequenced, and individualized program of training that is graded in complexity.

Social Program

Members of the social psychology program work together to understand various aspects of how individuals interact with the social world. Although the interests cover a wide range of topics, we particularly converge around the areas of social cognition and attitudes, stereotyping and prejudice, and decision making.

Center for Psychological Inquiry

The Center for Psychological Inquiry caters to psychology students through a number of services, including but not limited to:

  • Connecting students with opportunities that exist in psychology inside and outside the department, such as research assistantships or internships
  • Advising students on requirements of the major as well as the College of Arts & Sciences and Miami Plan requirements.
  • Tutoring students on a drop-in basis on psychology course material, including Statistics, Research Methods, and core courses.
  • Exploring career opportunities with students and providing information about graduate school or employment.
  • Referring students to a wide array of campus resources that will advance their academic goals and career interests.
  • Student engagement through workshops, round-tables, and more.