In order to be eligible to apply for internship, students must have successfully defended their dissertation proposal by April 1st of the fourth year. Please note, this does not suggest that this is the best week to schedule your defense—you want to give yourself time to make any needed revisions required before the proposal is approved by your committee.

APPIC’s web site ( provides information on internship applications and announcements that may be downloaded onto your computer.

AAPl Forms: The form is available on the web site. It will give you step by step instructions for downloading and the completing the application.

Applicants: APPIC-MATCH-NEWS is an e-mail list that provides up-to-date news and information about computer matching program. This list is open to all interested persons: internship training directors, faculty members, internship applicants, interested students, etc. Subscribing to this list means you will receive occasional e-mail messages containing the latest news about the Matching Program. To subscribe, follow the links at the APPIC website.

Students: The deadline for your registration is December 1st (for the year of internship application). It is strongly suggested that you register early in order to have your Applicant Code Number (assigned by NMS) available to put on your internship applications. However, you may not register for the match until the faculty have voted and approved you as ready for internship. You may download registration and Agreements forms from NMS via their web site Click on “Applicant Registration”.