Social program 2017 Social doctoral program (faculty and students) 2017
Social program 2015 Social doctoral program (faculty and students) 2015
Miami at Duck 2015 Miami faculty and graduates at Duck Social Cognition Conference, Outer Banks, NC, 2015
Grad students at MPA Graduate students at Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL, 2016
Grad students at MPA Graduate students at Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL, 2016
Grad students presenting research Graduate students present research at Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL, 2016

Graduate Admissions

Graduate training philosophy

Our doctoral program in social psychology is designed to be a 5-year program that involves rigorous training in cutting-edge psychological methods and statistics, with a deep focus on theory testing and development. Successful students in the doctoral program should expect to earn multiple professional publications and to present their scholarship at national and international conferences. Our doctoral graduates typically find very meaningful positions after completing their training, including high-profile universities, smaller colleges that focus on undergraduate teaching, the industry and other private sector positions, and governmental agencies (see list of program alums for examples).

We strive to foster a friendly, highly collaborative atmosphere amongst graduate students and faculty. Many of our students work with multiple faculty members, and they also collaborate amongst one another on research projects that features supportive (rather than competitive) peer relationships. We care deeply about making our work both fun and productive, and our program is both intense yet very supportive. We also strive to have a very high graduation rate, with nearly all of our students graduating from the program with their doctoral degree.

Application details

Successful applicants to our program typically have strong undergraduate GPAs, strong GRE scores, and have some previous experience conducting research during their undergraduate training. We recommend directly contacting faculty members whom you might be interested in working with to be sure they are admitting students before applying to work in their laboratory. Although admissions to the social program is always based on a consensus endorsement among all of the social faculty, we only admit students when a clear student-mentor fit is identified. Please note that the deadline for applying to the social psychology is December 1 (late submissions may not receive full, or any, consideration).

More information

Please direct additional questions to the Social Program Area Director, Professor Heather Claypool (