Social Program

Group Photo of all Social Area Faculty and Graduate Students Group Photo of all Social Area Faculty and Graduate Students

The Department of Psychology at Miami University has offered the Ph.D. in Social Psychology throughout its history of doctoral education. Miami's social psychology program is ideally suited for students seeking expertise in social psychological factors relate to health and well-being. Fostered by a low student-to-faculty ratio, our program emphasizes extensive collaboration among faculty and students. Our students typically work with several faculty members and participate in multiple lab groups during their graduate training. Diversity in training experiences and research approaches is strongly encouraged. With this collaborative philosophy, the program provides students with strong theoretical and methodological training in social psychology, including opportunities to master diverse psychological, physiological, and quantitative techniques. Expertise in these skills and methods has led our students to succeed in academic, private sector, and public sector placements (see program alums for examples).

With a shared emphasis on the social psychology of health and well-being, the program is comprised of five tenured/tenure-track faculty members (ClaypoolFarrellHunger, and McConnell). These social psychologists oversee the training of graduate students through formal academic coursework, informal research activities, and individualized mentorship. Under the unifying theme of health and well-being, our faculty study how acceptance and belonging, close relationships, social identities, and connections with the natural world shape individuals' psychological, social, and health outcomes. 

Health and Well-Being Areas of Focus

  • Belonging and Social Connection
  • Close Relationships and Health
  • Stigma, Social Identity, and Health
  • Group-Based Disparities
  • Self and Interconnected Others