Patten Prize recipient Maddie Scott on her experience in the Psychology Department

Written by Ross Tague, CAS communications intern

2016-17 Patten Prize Maddie Scott
(Maddie Scott- 2016-17 E.F. Patten Prize Recipient)

Being one of the most involved psychology students at Miami has paid off for Maddie Scott, who was awarded the 2017 Patten Prize.

The Patten Prize is awarded to senior psychology majors who best typify excellence in general academics as well as devotion to and accomplishment within the field of psychology.

“It was so gratifying to be recognized by a department that was so important to my time in college,” Scott said regarding her nomination.

The Cincinnati native graduated in December with a degree in Psychology with a clinical area of focus. Prior to graduating, Scott worked in two research labs within the clinical focus: the anxiety, cognition, and emotions lab under Dr. Elise Clerkin and a childhood behavior and social-emotional learning lab under Dr. Jennifer Green.

Scott built off of her research experience in her own Senior Honors Thesis. Through Dr. Green’s research lab, Scott developed a social-emotional learning program for grade school children based off an established program known as the Incredible Years Program.  These programs aim to promote emotional, social, and academic competence and to prevent, reduce, and treat behavioral and emotional problems in young children.

Working in the research labs were Scott’s favorite experiences from her time in the psychology department.

“It felt really cool to be a part of something bigger and contribute to the scientific community,” she said. “It also challenged me to use new skills in a type of professionalism I hadn’t had to use before.”

Scott describes her research mentors, Dr. Clerkin and Dr. Green, as being important to her. “Their support was great to have, and I also really admired them,” she said. “They both have a lot of passion for their work that makes you excited about it too.”

In addition to her lab experience, Scott was a part of the discussion leading program for the introductory psychology course, worked as a student mentor for psychology students through the Center of Psychological Inquiry, was president of the psychology fraternity Psi Chi, and was student editor for the Compilation of Miami Publications Advancing Social Sciences (COMPASS).

Scott has since secured a job as a part of the leadership development program at Allstate’s corporate office in Chicago, which is fixed to begin in July. The program will introduce Scott to business operations, although she believes her psychology background is to account for her getting the job.

“My psychology major taught me a lot about social interactions and talking to people, which is important in business,” she said.

Scott is looking forward to where the job will take her, and she is considering going to graduate school in the future to further her studies.

Despite her venture into the business world, Scott owes much of her success to her experiences in her major. “Psychology is such an amazing field and something that comes up in every aspect of life, so in little ways it really has changed the way I think about certain things,” she said.

Scott also relates her accomplishments back to her involvement in the department.

“Being able to be involved in so many things gave me more confidence about what I can do,” she said. “I’ll always be grateful to the psychology department.”

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