Research Interest Groups

The graduate program is grounded in the psychology department’s philosophy that graduate students should develop the scholarly background and technical skills that will enable them to become active creators of knowledge through scholarship and research as well as through practice.

As such, all students are involved in scholarship and research throughout the course of their studies. Given the diverse make-up and interests of the faculty, there are opportunities in a range of topic areas and projects including quantitative and qualitative methods.

Brain and Cognitive Science Brown Bag

Graduate students and faculty from the Brain and Cognitive Science program meet weekly. The meetings include presentations of graduate (and sometimes faculty) research, outside speakers from other departments, meetings with relevant Colloquia speakers, and occasionally critiques of posters and practice talks to be given to professional societies.

Child/Family/School/Community Interest Group

The Child/Family/School/Community interest group is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students with interests in research and practice related to fostering healthy development and well-being of children and families through school- and community-based intervention. Topics of interest include school mental health, developmental psychopathology, and health promotion among youth and families. The CFSCG holds monthly open meetings. Contact Dr. Jennifer Green (

Culture, Gender, and Diversity Group

We are an interdisciplinary group of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from various social science disciplines whose scholarly interests lie in the exploration of culture, human behavior and development, health, and well-being. We broadly conceptualize culture as the intersecting influences of ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, and sexual orientation. The group meets once a month, typically the first Friday of the month in psychology building. The group members bring their research ideas, ongoing projects, or drafts of manuscripts for discussion. We also read and critique published articles, discuss applied topics such as clinical practice with multicultural groups, and dialogue about teaching of culture and diversity. If you are interested in joining the group or in receiving notifications of meetings, please contact Vaishali Raval at

Emotion Research Group

The emotion research group is open to faculty and graduate students whose research interests include emotion, including all areas of the Department of Psychology and from other departments. The emotion research group meets approximately twice a month to discuss the research of members and articles of general interest. Topics of discussion are set by members on a rotating basis. Our goal is to share expertise, support the research of members, and promote collaboration among diverse researchers with shared interests in emotion. For more information, contact Dr. Aaron Luebbe (

Judgment and Decision-Making Group

The Judgment and Decision-Making (JDM) Group is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students interested in psychological perspectives on topics in judgment and decision-making, including cognitive, social, and affective influences on individual and group decision-making. We meet approximately twice a month to discuss the research of members or readings of recent publications of interest. Our meeting time is traditionally set at a mutually convenient time at an initial organizational meeting each semester. Please contact Joshua Buchanan ( if you are interested in participating.

Social Psychology Research Interest Group (SPRIG)

The Social Psychology Research Interest Group meets weekly on Fridays at noon for presentations and discussions of the current research of students and faculty. Presentations include all stages of the research process; some talks focus on ideas, some on incoming or recently collected data, and some on a sequence of studies that is nearing publication. We also discuss topics related to professional issues, such as preparing for the academic job market. If you are interested in upcoming topics, please see our listing, and if you are interested in presenting, please contact Joshua Buchanan (