Social Justice in Fiji Social Justice in Fiji

Social Justice in Fiji

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SJS 399: Social Justice in Fiji

3 or 6 credit hours

This course will explore human rights and social justice issues in Fiji with particular focus on environmental and educational justice. This experience will start with a five-night home stay in the villages of Kadavu Island. While in the villages, students will experience first hand some of the issues and challenges of living in a developing nation. They will be able to interact with their host families, eat community meals, and listen to talks by the village elder and chiefs. From there, students will travel to the capital city of Suva and spend several days meeting with Fijian government ministry people, faculty from the University of the South Pacific, and the UN Human Rights Commission. They will also spend time in Levuka (the old capital) and learn about colonial Fijian history with tours of the city and nearby Lovoni village. Throughout the trip, students will have opportunities to try sustainable tourism activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving (optional free time activities, not included in the program fee).