Combined BA + MA/MS

Combined BS/MA or MS Program Information

Students who enter Miami University with 10-15 AP credits and/or who are interested in completing summer coursework may be eligible for an accelerated Bachelor's/Master's program in Speech Pathology. A five-year combined degree program is possible with a higher number of course credits as a 1st and 2nd year undergraduate student and a cumulative and major GPA of a 3.5 GPA (as a minimum). Generally, a combined (Bachelor's/Master's) degree would be completed in approximately 5 years (the combination of these 2 degrees typically takes 6 years).

To complete this accelerated program, students must meet eligibility criteria and have consistent and frequent advising with their major advisor in the department. 

Program Description: The combined program Speech Pathology provides students with the required academic, clinical practice and research preparation for a career as a speech-language pathologist. The combined degree program allows students to complete the required Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for pre-clinical certification in a 5 year period of time (generally, students complete these two degrees over a period of 6 years). The combined program requires 60 hours of graduate coursework of which 9 hours can be double-counted toward both degrees. Students who are interested in this combined program should have either 10-15 Advance Placement credits upon entry to the University and/or have an interest in completing summer coursework. Students who have an interest in the combined program should have frequent contact with their academic advisor during their first and second year at Miami to plan coursework appropriately.

Undergraduate Preparation: Undergraduate students are first enrolled in the Speech Pathology and Audiology program as a pre-major. Undergraduate students are eligible for the combined degree program once they have completed the pre-major requirements. These requirements include a 3.0 GPA in the following courses: SPA 127, 223, 225, and 222, as well as a 3.5 overall cumulative GPA. Careful planning is necessary, so please contact your advisor as soon as possible if you are considering the combined degree program.

Declaration of Interest: Students may declare their interest in enrolling in a combined program anytime during their academic career at Miami, from the time they are admitted for an undergraduate degree.

Full Admission: Upon earning a minimum of 64 credit hours and having a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater, students may apply for admission to the combined program. Programs may have more stringent requirements. Regular time-limits for completing the master’s degree apply to students in a combined program (see the Graduate School Handbook at for more information). Student accepted for full admission to the combined program in Speech Pathology must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher in 300 and 400 level courses and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. We strongly encourage students in the combined program in Speech Pathology to be enrolled on a full-time basis.

Applications Procedures: To apply to a combined bachelors/masters program, go to to complete the Graduate School online application and pay the $50 application fee. Be sure to check “combined program.” In addition to the Graduate School application requirements stated above, the following must be submitted directly to the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology for committee review: a letter of intent outlining professional goals, a resume, and three letters of recommendation.

Student Classification and Graduation: Students in a combined program will remain as undergraduates until they apply for graduation or submit a request to the Graduate School to have their classification changed from undergraduate to graduate. Students must have completed a minimum of 128 hours to be classified as a graduate student (note: this change in classification will affect eligibility for financial aid). Students may receive their bachelor’s degree prior to completing their master’s degree. Upon receiving the bachelor’s degree, students will automatically be classified as graduate students. Students receiving the bachelor’s degree prior to completing the master’s degree can count up to 9 hours of graduate course work toward their bachelor’s degree with permission of the appropriate advisor(s) and dean(s) or their designee(s). Those hours can also count toward the completion of their master’s degree. A minimum of 150 hours is required for the combined program; 120 semester hour minimum for a bachelor's degree and 30 hour minimum for a master's degree.

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