Dr. Elizabeth Gielau

Elizabeth Gielau

Dr. Elizabeth Gielau
Visiting Assistant Professor


PhD May, 2015 University of Iowa, Hispanic Linguistics

M.A. 2010 University of Iowa, Hispanic Linguistics

B.A. 2008 St. Ambrose University, Magna-Cum Laude Spanish


Major Fields: Romance Linguistics and Language Acquisition
Areas of Specialization: Syntactic Theory, L1/L2 Acquisition
Areas of Interest: Sociolinguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Language Change and Contact, Theoretical Epistemology


Gielau, Elizabeth. Mood Distribution and the CP Domain of Subjunctive Clauses in Spanish. Doctoral Dissertation.


Gielau, Elizabeth. The Dual Status of Negation in Clause-Selecting Contexts. To appear in Selected Proceedings of the 17th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium.

Conference and poster presentations

Refereed, national/international
Gielau, Elizabeth. 2014. The Mistaken Identity of Negated Epistemics. 17th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS 2014), Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 13 November.
Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2013. The Subjunctive Mood in Emotive and Epistemic Contexts as lack of Syntactic Sentience. 16th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS 2013), University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada, 18 October.

Non-refereed, colloquia
Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2014. A Syntax for Sentience: Explaining Subject Obviation in Subjunctive Clauses. The World Languages Graduate Organization Annual Conference: Exploring Edges, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 5 April.

Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2013. The Subjunctive Disjoint Reference Effect and the Left Periphery. Romance Linguistics Colloquium, University of Iowa, 16 November.

Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2012. Recomplementation: An Operator Account. Hispanic Linguistics Colloquium, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 4 October.

Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2011. Some vs. Any: Where Semantics Meets Pragmatics in L2 Acquisition. En Obra/Under Construction: Approaches to the languages, literatures and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 4 February.

Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2011. On the Second Language Acquisition of Internal Interface Properties. SLA Graduate Linguistics Symposium: Methodologies in SLA, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 29 April.

Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2011. The Interfaces: Where L2 Linguistic Competence Meets Deixis. Hispanic Linguistics Colloquium, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 13 November.

Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2010. The External Interfaces: An Inevitable Locus for Fossilization in L2 Acquisition? Foreign Language Acquisition and Research Education, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 3 December.

Fellowships and awards

2014        $20,000        Ballard Seashore Dissertation Year Fellowship, Graduate College, University of Iowa
2013        $400            University of Iowa International Travel Grant
2013        $4,000         Ruth Davis Fellowship Award
2012                           Outstanding TA Award department nominee
2011        $4,000         Strategic Initiative Funds (SIF)


2014 – 2015        World Languages Graduate Organization

2013 – 2014        World Languages Graduate Organization
                          Conference Chair

2009–2011          Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Organization (SPGO),
                          University of Iowa

2009                   Mind-Context Divide Conference, Organizing Committee,
                          University of Iowa

Language background

English - Native speaker
Spanish - Near-native proficiency
Portuguese - Intermediate proficiency
Italian - Beginning proficiency
German - Beginning proficiency