Force Add Policy

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Force Adds for Spanish Classes

The capacity of SPN 100 and 200 level courses is controlled by the College of Arts and Science and additional seats are released with each window of registration. If the class section you desire is closed during your registration time, please register for another section or wait until open registration to check for additional openings. Force add requests will be considered in the ROR system as noted below depending on space available, with priority given to seniors. Requests for section changes will not be considered.

Force add requests sent directly to faculty teaching these courses will also not be considered. Not all requests can be accommodated. Submission of ROR does not guarantee you a spot in the class you request. It is highly recommended that you indicate more than one section that would fit in your schedule in your request.

All prerequisites must be met in order to be added to the class you request. If you are taking the prerequisite(s) over the winter/summer, please indicate this in the request. The successful completion of the prerequisite must be verified before starting classes in Spring/Fall. If the prerequisite is not met, you will not be allowed to continue in the class.

  1. Go to "Course list" and LOG IN (if you don't log in, you will not be able to see the link to ROR).
  2. Select the course and section you want force-added.
  3. You will see a link to ROR. Follow instructions. You will have a chance then to explain why you want to be force-added to the course.

Spring 2023 Semester courses

1st Review: NOVEMBER 2022 submissions:

  • Registration Override Request will open for submissions for courses when the student's time ticket is open.
  • November 11th at 5:00pm: submissions are due
  • November 15th at 5:00pm: departments will have made all of their decisions & communicated them to students
  • November 17th at 5:00pm: If there are any conflicts (e.g. excess hours, time conflicts, etc), students must resolve them by this date and time to be added to the course.
After the first review, submissions can still be made and departments will review them on a rolling basis. Otherwise, submissions will be reviewed on the following timeline:

2nd Review: JANUARY 2023 Registration Override Request Dates for Spring Semester Courses:

  • January 17 at 5:00pm: Requests are due
  • January 19 at 5:00 pm: Departments will make ROR decisions no later than this date and time.
  • January 20 at 5:00 pm: If there are conflicts (e.g. time conflicts, excess hours, etc.), students must resolve them by this date and time to be added to the course
*Any ROR submitted after 01/17/23 will be considered on a space-available basis