Mathematics and Statistics Major

The Department of Statistics offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics in joint with the Department of Mathematics. To declare your major in mathematics and statistics, please contact the Chief Departmental Advisor, Professor Thomas Fisher, 305B Upham Hall, (513) 529-2176, or email him at

Program Requirements

The program requires at least 31 semester hours of MTH and STA courses at 300 level or above with at least 22 hours from MTH and STA courses at the 400 level.

Introductory Mathematics Courses
MTH252 Calculus III or MTH252H Honors Calculus III
MTH222 Introduction to Linear Algebra or MTH222T Introduction to Linear Algebra(Honors)

Mathematics courses. All of these:
MTH331 Proof: Introduction to Higher Mathematics
MTH347 Differential Equations
MTH421 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MTH441 Real Analysis OR MTH451 Introduction to Complex Variable

Choose at least ONE of the following:
MTH432 Optimization
MTH435 Mathematical Modeling Seminar (MPC)
MTH436 Combinatorial Designs and Coding Theory
MTH437 Game Theory and Related Topics
MTH438 Theory and Applications of Graphs
MTH439 Combinatorics
MTH447 Topics in Mathematical Finance
MTH453 Numerical Analysis
MME/MTH495 Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamics

Statistics courses. All of these:
STA301 Applied Statistics
STA401 Probability
STA463 Regression Analysis
STA462 Inferential Statistics OR STA466 Experimental Design Methods

Additional courses to complete the 31 required credit hours from lists above or from:
MTH410 Topics in Geometry
MTH411 Foundations of Geometry
MTH420 Topics in Algebra
MTH422 Linear Algebra and Fields
MTH425 Number Theory (MPC)
MTH435 Mathematical Modeling Seminar
MTH440 Topics in Analysis
MTH482 Great Theorems of Mathematics (MPC)
MTH483 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
MTH486 Introduction to Set Theory
MTH491 Introduction to Topology
STA402 Statistical Programming
STA427 Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
STA467 Statistical Learning
STA475 Data Analysis Practicum (MPC)
STA483 Analysis of Forecasting Systems

At most, two of the 31 hours may be from 430 or independent studies.

Important Note: Students with previous credit for STA261 may not take STA301 and must take additional hours from the electives list to complete the 31 required hours.

For course descriptions please see the bulletin pages for MTH and STA.