A cappella: a small group’s music dream

by Mingjun Ma

I’m an Ace student and I have been in America about two months. During this short time I have fallen in love with an amazing kind of music. A cappella. It is a kind of music that includes nearly all genres of music.  With a small group and without instrument, you can enjoy perfect rhythm and wonderful music.

In China, we don’t have many people know that kind of music. In 2008 there was a TV program called “Sing Off”. It was the first time that A Cappella was publicly shown in China and I was deeply moved. I liked it so much I even set up a club in my senior high. At Mega fair, there were so many different clubs. A special club caught my eye called “Just Duet”.  It is an A cappella club with people around the world who like A cappella music.  I joined this club and played with them. It was a time I really enjoyed it. Now I have set up an A cappella team which has seven people and we are all from China, and now we can play some songs with a Chinese rhythm. 

I really want all Ace students know that if you have a dream, go ahead to catch it. This is a free university and you can try hard to make your dreams come true .My story still continue, go ahead to make your own story about your dream. By the way, if you have someone who likes this kind of music too, send me an email. We can enjoy it together.