The three core required courses in the ACE program include ACE 112, ACE 113, and an American Culture course—for a total of 12 credits.

ACE students also take an additional elective course (3-5 credits), a non-ACE course, as part of their first-semester program. Available elective courses include calculus, international studies, art, computer science, physics, geology, engineering, and many others.

ACE 112, Advanced Communication Strategies: Speaking and Listening for Academic Contexts (5 cr)
An intensive 5-credit course covering discussion, presentation and lecture listening skills, preparing students for the diverse encounters they will have with spoken English both in and outside the academy.

ACE 113, Reading and Writing in Academic Contexts (4 cr)
A rigorous 4-credit course focusing on comprehension, textual analysis, vocabulary, rhetoric, and composing. Students develop critical writing skills needed for success in college.

American Culture Courses
ACE students take a 3-credit course that explores American culture from the standpoint of history, anthropology, gerontology, education, literature and film, rhetoric, or American studies. American culture courses vary from semester to semester, but some of the courses offered include:

ATH 185, Cultural Diversity in the U.S.

BWS 248, African American Experience

POL 142, American Politics and Diversity

ACE 212, Advanced Communication Strategies II: Speaking and Listening for Academic Contexts (3 cr)
A continuation of ACE 112, this elective course provides intensive practice in English speaking and listening skills for international students who need additional support for listening and speaking in academic contexts (including understanding lectures, note-taking, class discussion, formal and informal presentation, and pronunciation).