Student Spotlight

Current and former students talk about the American Studies program at Miami University.

Catherine Mazanek

(Class of 2017)

photo of Catherine MazanekSince that first AMS 180 class, I have found my focus in American Studies in how American culture intersects with environmental issues. Dr. Peggy Shaffer mentored me through my experience as an Altman Undergraduate Fellow through the Humanities Center for the 2014-2015 school year. We focused on the topic The Anthropocene, a new geological epoch in which humans are becoming a force of nature.

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Ray Gilbert

(Class of 2016)

photo of Ray GilbertMy two internships at Sports Technologies and NBC have allowed me to work for both a small start-up and a huge corporation. I feel motivated to start with a big company when I go into the workforce, but eventually I'd like to start my own small company and work with multiple departments.

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James Rohaley

(Class of 2015)

photo of James RohaleyI took my first American studies (AMS) class with Professor Andrew Busch and knew I wanted to continue with that subject as well as marketing, so I decided to merge both of them together as my minor and major respectively. After that I never really looked back—and I've loved every second of it.

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Carly Kimiecik

(Class of 2015)

photo of Carly KimiecikAmerican studies has sparked my interests in the cultural aspects of health, and it's helped me gain a lot of analytical skills. We have to read really dense articles sometimes and develop our writing. Health Promotion majors don't focus so much on writing, so this is why American studies is great for me. It's very open and interdisciplinary, and we do a lot of different presentations in my classes.

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Olivia Harrison

(Class of 2015)

photo of Olivia HarrisonI feel completely at home with the American Studies Program. It feels small and intimate … It feels great that the faculty know me, even outside of the classroom, so I can stop by during office hours and chat about all sorts of things.

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Casey Smitson

(Class of 2014)

photo of Casey SmitsonThe dynamic nature of American Studies classes makes them truly exciting … I look forward to going to these classes because I know that they will be both challenging and relevant.

Read what Casey had to say about her American Studies major and German minor.

Chris Mayer

(Class of 2013)

photo of Chris MayerNot only do I have the academic freedom to study whichever aspects of American culture I want, I have many internship and research opportunities. The American Studies faculty is full of knowledgeable, and enthusiastic professors. Every American Studies class I have taken has always been both engaging and impactful.

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Samantha Chyette

(Class of 2012)

photo of Samantha ChyetteAmerican Studies provided a context for understanding the meaning and significance behind things that I studied in high school or heard about in the news, but really did not fully appreciate. That's when things started to 'click' and I knew that I had to take more courses.

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