Memorial Day

May 30

Alumni Weekend

June 9-12

"Dian Fossey, Passionate Mountain Gorilla Researcher and Defender: The Darker Side of Wildlife Conservation" (MUH)

June 14; 2 - 3 pm

Ohio Chautauqua-Hamilton and Dianne Moran present this free public lecture. Dian Fossey reached a scientific epiphany no other researcher had attained—the trust of the gorilla families she studied, furthering scientific knowledge of gorillas and humankind's evolutionary origins …

Dianne Moran as Dian Fossey (MUH)

June 15; 7:30 - 9 pm

Dianne Moran's dramatic depiction of Fossey uncovers a life of passion and trust that challenged the accepted role of the scientist in the world of primates in the wild …