M.En. Professional Service Projects


The Professional Service Project (PSP) is a requirement of the Masters of Environmental Science core curriculum (IES 610 and IES 610.G) and is designed for students to develop their skills and experience by working with real clients.

The PSP is a cornerstone of our program. Graduates of the Masters of Environmental Science program frequently tell us that both the PSP experience and the problem-solving methodology were important parts of their future success as professionals.

Students Solving Real-World Problems

Each year, Masters of Environmental Science student teams provide help to 3 clients that have requested assistance in solving environmental problems or to improve the sustainability of their organizations and practices. A client can be a community, organization, or individual in the tri-state area (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky).

These teams of graduate students from diverse backgrounds work for academic credit under the supervision of environmental professionals and Miami University faculty.

Becoming a Client Organization

To qualify, projects must deal with real-world environmental or sustainability problems and be of such a scope that they can be completed within 6 months. If you are interested in cooperating with a student team on such a project, please email us at ies@MiamiOH.edu.

Professional Service Projects for 2019-2020

A Plan to Develop Lesson Plans for a New Educational Space in Miami University's Natural Areas

Client: Miami University Natural Areas Committee
Team: Abiola Lawal, Courtney Lopez, Dan Sedlacek, Benjamin White

This project's goal is to facilitate elementary school educators (3rd and 4th grade) in Oxford, Ohio, to bring their students to the new educational space being created in Miami University's Natural Areas, by finding lesson plans that apply to natural systems of the new educational space and are adapted to meet Ohio's Learning Standards for Science.

Developing a Nine-Element Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategic Plan for the Acton Lake-Four Mile Creek Watershed

Clients: Butler Soil and Water Conservation District (BSWCD)
Team: Oluwaseun Olubodun, Emily Salings, Zak Schultz, Seth Swearingen, Katie Vonderembse, Sarah Walter

This project's goal is to assist BSWCD with drafting the first two chapters of the Nine-Element Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategic Plan for the Action Lake-Four Mile Creek Watershed. This team will assist with drafting essential elements of the plan including the background and description of the watershed. They will also assist with stakeholder engagement to determine critical areas that are impaired and projects to address those impairments. BSWCD will then be able to use this plan to apply for grant funding to address the impairments in the critical areas.

Furthering the City of Oxford's Efforts to Measure Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, in accordance with the Global Covenant of Mayors Commitment

Client: City of Oxford, Ohio Environmental Commission
Team: Emmanual Aina​,​ Feras Althuniyan​,​ Olivia Herron​,​ Maggie Kinney​,​ Noah Miller​,​ Cecil Okotah

This team will provide the City of Oxford with an accurate GHG inventory of emissions from local government operations and provide guidance on how to conduct a community-wide GHG inventory to meet the requirements of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.