Stanley Toops

photo of Stanley ToopsPh.D. (Geography), University of Washington
Associate Professor of Geography
Coordinator of International Studies
110 Shideler Hall
(513) 529-5558
Interests: Geography, tourism, development, ethnicity, population, East Asia and Central Asia, 地理, 旅遊, 发展, 民族学, 人口, 东亚, 中亚

Melanie Ziegler

photo of Melanie ZieglerPh.D. (Political Science), Miami University
Senior Lecturer and Chief Program Advisor of International Studies
118 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-9305
Interests: Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean, especially US-Cuba relations

Jennifer Cohen

photo of Jennifer CohenPh.D. (Economics), University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Assistant Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies
31 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-3996
Interests: Global political economy, labor markets, precarity, and care work

Carl T. Dahlman

photo of Carl DahlmanPh.D. (Geography), University of Kentucky
Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies and International Studies
124 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-5027
Interests: Political geography, critical geopolitics, population/migration/refugees, Europe, former Yugoslavia, Middle East

Mark Peterson

photo of Mark PetersonPh.D. (Anthropology), Brown University
Professor of Anthropology and International Studies
120D Upham Hall
(513) 529-5018
Interests: Cultural and media anthropology and the Middle East and India

Naaborle Sackeyfio

photo of Naaborle SackeyfioPh.D. (Political Science), The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Assistant Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies
11 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-9030
Interests: political economy, energy and resource politics; gender and sustainable development with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa

Tani H. Sebro

photo of Tani SebroPh.D. (Political Science), University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Assistant Professor of International Studies
25 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-3558
Interests: political ethnography, critical political theory, Asian cultural ctudies, mobilities studies, aesthetics and international relations with a particular emphasis on refugee politics in Southeast Asia

Charles Stevens

photo of Charles StevensPh.D. (Anthropology), University of Arizona
Senior Lecturer of International Studies
33 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-1926
Interests: Cultural anthropology in the Pacific Islands and local agricultural sustainability

Dilchoda Berdieva

photo of Dilchoda BerdievaPh.D. (Political Science), Miami University
Lecturer of International Studies
28 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-2746
Interests: Central Asian politics, migration/immigration, and minorities

Emily Channell-Justice

photo of Emily Channell-JusticePh.D. (Anthropology), The Graduate Center, CUNY
Havighurst Fellow
6 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-4186
Interests: Eastern Europe, political activism, economic development, gender and feminism

Kathryn LaFever

photo of Kathryn LaFeverPh.D. (Educational Leadership), Miami University
Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies
115 Upham Hall
(513) 529-0658
Interests: Interdisciplinary and international education as well as sustainability, pilgrimage and tourism, culture-led urban regeneration, and gender issues mostly in Europe and Asia

Jonathan Otto

photo of Jonathan OttoPh.D. (Geography), University of Kentucky
Visiting Assistant Professor
29 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-3255
Interests: Geography, political ecology, labor and production, gender, inequity, political economy, Mexico and Latin America, sustainability