2010 Student Spotlight

Audrey Houseman

(Class of 2012)

photo of Audrey Houseman"Throughout high school, I was always interested in the people and cultures of Latin America, but this interest didn't translate into a major, until I arrived at Miami and saw all that the Latin American Studies program had to offer."

Read what Audrey had to say about the LAS program and her internship with the Washington Center.

Jonathan Lawson

(Class of 2011)

photo of Jonathan Lawson"My diverse experiences at Miami were unforeseen when I began my freshman year. I eventually found many easily attainable options to gain exposure to Latin American culture, and my involvement in LAS greatly influenced my life direction."

Read what Jonathan had to say about his Caribbean and European experiences while being a student at Miami.

Juli Smith

(Class of 2010)

photo of Juli Smith"My study abroad experience in Latin America really helped me to put the things I learned in LAS and Spanish classes into practice, and to see first-hand how the things I've been learning about affect the people in this region. It was so cool to be able to put a real memory with the places I've been studying for so long!"

Read what Juli had to say about her South American study abroad experiences while being a student at Miami.

Stephanie Brock

(Class of 2010)

photo of Stephanie Brock"There is so much more to college than just taking classes. I have formed real friendships with my professors and peers because I am studying a subject that I have always and will always love. I am excited to be involved on and off campus and feel like I have really made a difference."

Read what Stephanie had to say about her experiences at Miami.

Tom French

(Class of 2011)

photo of Tom French"The LAS curriculum and outside-of-class programs have brought an international consciousness that I did not expect to find at Miami. LAS enriched my knowledge of history and how we, as Americans, view our neighbors to the south."

Read what Tom had to say about his international experiences at Miami.

Brittany Jacobs

(Class of 2010)

photo of Brittany Jacobs"Through my majors in Zoology and Latin American Studies, a minor in Spanish, and Miami Plan courses ranging from anthropology to art history, I've gained a broader view of life and the ability to analyze things from different perspectives."

Read what Brittany had to say about her international and other experiences at Miami.