2012 Student Spotlight

Jonathan Korte

(Class of 2013)

photo of Jonathan Korte"[Studying abroad] really has a profound affect on you as a person … I think that's true for anyone who studies abroad, but when you go to a place where you see such drastic differences in the life of people there and the life of people here, seeing people living in cardboard boxes or landfills, versus coming back here, especially to a place like Miami, it's just such a huge difference."

Read what Jonathan had to say about his experiences in Central and South America.

Katie Arlinghaus

(Class of 2013)

photo of Katie Arlinghaus"Through daily trips to local neighborhood markets to purchase fresh ingredients before each lesson, I didn't just learn about market culture but was able to experience it … It was just so much fun. Mundane textbooks become so much more interesting because you know what you're talking about."

Read what Katie had to say about her experiences in Mexico.