Real-World Advice Videos

Listen and watch as Miami alumni in the healthcare industry provide real-world advice to pre-healthcare students.

The Essential Mallory-Wilson Center

Prashant Rajan ( Miami, 2013) was the 2013 recipient of the Ken & Joan Frankel Outstanding Premedical Student of the Year. Here he talks about his undergraduate research and his other Miami experiences and opportunities. [April 2013]

The Essential Mallory-Wilson Center Video Transcript

To Become a Physician

Dr. Richard Blath ( Miami, 1968), MD, is Chief of Urology with St. Louis Urological Surgeons at Christian Northeast Medical in St. Louis, MO. Here he talks about what you need to do to get into medical school. [April 2012]

To Become a Physician Video Transcript

Just a Family Doctor

Dr. Mark Meacham ( Miami, 1985), MD, is the Medical Director of the Brunswick Family Health Center. Here he explains the importance of primary care and family medicine. [March 2012]

Just a Family Doctor Video Transcript

Choosing a Specialty

Dr. D. Kyle Hogarth ( Miami, 1994) is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago and was a team physician with the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Here he talks about the process of deciding on a specialty while in medical school. [April 2011]

Choosing a Specialty Video Transcript

From MBI to MBA

Michele Molden ( Miami, 1977), MBA, is President and CEO of Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta, GA. Here she describes how she went from an undergraduate degree in liberal arts to earning her MBA. [April 2011]

From MBI to MBA Video Transcript

Giving Back Locally and Globally

Dr. Richard N. Hirsh ( Miami, 1965) is a practicing diagnostic radiologist and founder of Radiology Mammography International, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mammography and breast cancer education needs of developing regions throughout the world. Here he explains why volunteerism is important and how rewarding it is. [April 2011]

Giving Back Locally and Globally Video Transcript

Job Shadowing

Dr. Deborah Wilson ( Miami, 1984) is a family medicine physician. Here she talks about the importance of job shadowing experience prior to medical school. [March 2011]

Job Shadowing (through Preceptorships) Video Transcript

PhD? MD? Or both?

Dr. Scott Pomeroy ( Miami, 1975) is Neurologist-in-Chief and Chair of Neurology, Boston's Children Hospital
and Bronson Crothers Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Here he recounts how he was able to resolve the difficult decision between graduate and medical school. [February 2011]

PhD? MD? Or both? Video Transcript