Andrew Lichter (Class of 2011)

  • Andrew Lichter photosenior Zoology major intent on entering medical school
  • from West Chester, OH
  • Miami MED Executive
  • undergraduate research assistant for Miami's Ecology Research Center

The [Mallory-Wilson Center] is an amazing asset for those individuals who desire to take an active role in their education, and it is a resource for valuable 'first-hand' experiences in modern healthcare.

"Hey, my name is Drew. If there is one thing that I love most about the academic program at Miami, it's the number of quality options available to undergraduate students, especially pre-health students. Whether it's providing knowledgeable and approachable professors or valuable extracurricular events and activities, Miami is dedicated to producing well rounded and balanced graduates—graduates not only learned in their field of interest but also well socialized and free thinking.

"My college education began at the regional campus, Miami Hamilton. As a freshman, I will never forget my surprise when I found that four of my five professors had their doctorates. Since that time, I matriculated to the main campus in Oxford without any problems and became involved in a number of the extracurricular options.

"I currently hold jobs at the Ecology Research Center, the Equine Center and as a tutor in organic chemistry. I also participate in/manage several clubs. Through these I have helped to fund my education while building my resume … and all of this in a social atmosphere."

The Mallory-Wilson Center

"As a pre-medical student, I have utilized the pre-health resources on campus, particularly the Mallory-Wilson Center. These resources include advising through the College of Arts and Science, a premedical advising committee for students who are preparing medical school applications, and the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education. The center is not a physical location but an entity that provides symposiums by current medical professionals, preceptorships with medical alumni, classes focusing on healthcare, scholarships and, most importantly, invaluable access to professional pre-health advising."

Being an Ambassador

Andrew Lichter photo"As an ambassador for the center, I have taken a more active role in the pre-medical community by assisting incoming students and first year pre-med students with any questions they might have. I also represented the pre-medical student body at the center's annual board meeting this year.

"In addition, being an ambassador has allowed me direct contact with successful physicians and academic administrators; and I was even able to observe and participate in an autopsy. The center is an amazing asset for those individuals who desire to take an active role in their education, and it is a resource for valuable 'first-hand' experiences in modern healthcare."

Advice for Students Thinking about Pre-Med

"To incoming pre-medical freshmen, newly declared pre-health students, or undecided and curious individuals, I would say this:

  • Take advantage of the resources at your disposal and get involved.
  • Meet with the advisors to talk through your hopes and plans.
  • Attend the events that are offered throughout the year.

"Your efforts will be rewarded with powerful experiences, dynamic friendships and a professional mentality that will lead you to success regardless of your career path. Miami is an excellent institution with innumerable options for undergraduates but especially pre-health students.

"To you all, I wish the best of luck."

[October 2010]