Students Wesley Taylor and Emily Mendenhall, displaying Emily's Library Award for Undergraduate Research Excellence honorable mention

All students must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours distributed as follows. Plan of study for each student must be approved by the Individualized Studies (Western Program) advisor.

  1. Required Courses (6 hours)
  2. Additional Courses (12 hours)

Required Courses

Take both of these:

  • WST 201 - Self and Place (3 hours)
  • WST 301 - Interdisciplinary Problems and Questions (3 hours)

Additional Courses

Take 4 additional courses at 200-400 level (each 3 hours), with not more than one at the 200-level, that explore individualized themes approved by the Individualized Studies (Western Program) advisor. At least 3 of the 4 courses must be taken after approval of the plan of study.

The 4 courses that you select from two or more programs and majors within Miami University allow you to intentionally study an interdisciplinary topic of specic interest to you. It is important to recognize that major restrictions may prevent you from including some courses in your individualized minor; you will be encouraged to consider alternative courses or ways to acquire the knowledge, including courses that can be taken while studying abroad.

Minor Proposal

Students are required to submit a Minor Proposal to be approved for the Individualized Studies minor. The Minor Proposal must be created after meeting with and discussing the minor with the Individualized Studies (Western Program) advisor.

To schedule a Minor Proposal meeting, call (513) 529-2233 or email the Individualized Studies (Western Program) advisor.